Distribution of Rosaries

Thanks to the efforts of Joe Pisani and our Catholic Ladies Service Organization (CLSO), on April 10, Rosaries were distributed to the Confirmation Class of St. Mark. The gifts were well received by the children. Bel Air Council members will be participating in the First Communion and the Confirmation Masses at St. Mark this year…. Read More ›

Knights of Columbus Scholarships

Knights of Columbus awarded scholarships totaling more than $1.2 million to 552 students. Most recipients are the children of Knights or Knights working toward bachelor’s degrees at Catholic colleges and Catholic universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. These figures include $285,000 in grants to 116 seminarians in the United… Read More ›

Bel Air Council Soccer Challenge Winners

Bel Air Council conducted our Council level Soccer Challenge on September 19th at The John Carroll School from 3-5PM.  Nine Knights assisted with the setup, conduct, and breakdown of the Soccer Challenge field and received assistance from four John Carroll Students.  The John Carroll students received service hours for their part making this event a… Read More ›

Our new Third Degree Knights

On Friday 20 March six Bel Air Council Knights took their third degree.  Once a candidate completes the First Degree ceremony on the lesson of charity, he is considered a Knight of Columbus and can participate in all council activities.  First Degree members are encouraged to attain the Second and Third Degrees, which teach the… Read More ›

2015 Community Service Awards Reception

Knight’s are familiar with the Order’s slogan: “In Service to One. In Service to All.” This reception was about honoring three servant leaders from our Community and within our Council. These three members of Bel Air Council, are a part of our service organization but have taken an additional step, answered a larger calling by… Read More ›

Pro-Life Rosary and Dinner

On February 24th 2015, Bel Air Council’s Culture of Life Chairman, Ted Kunkle (pictured) led a Pro-Life Rosary at the council home in Forest Hill. Due to inclement weather our Shrove Tuesday Dinner at St. Mark Parish in Forest Hill had been cancelled so Dick Kozlowski, PGK, pulled together a kitchen crew from Council members… Read More ›

Tootsie Roll Drive

Another outstanding event conducted by Bel Air Council. I would like to thank all the members who participated in the October 2014 Program. It took 81 members to fill one or more of the 128, two hour spaces. Think about that for a second 81 members from a Council of about 300, that’s 27% involvement…. Read More ›

Annual Car Raffle

Dick Kozlowski’s efforts and his team of salesman netted 3838 tickets sold this year. A herculean effort and one that the Council appreciates immensely since the Council keeps $0.40 on every dollar sold.