Tootsie Roll Drive

Another outstanding event conducted by Bel Air Council. I would like to thank all the members who participated in the October 2014 Program. It took 81 members to fill one or more of the 128, two hour spaces. Think about that for a second 81 members from a Council of about 300, that’s 27% involvement. Most volunteer organizations are grateful if 10% help out. Thank you !!!

For the second year in a row, we collected over $6,000.00 actually $6,361.74. After deducting the cost of the Tootsie Rolls the “ARC” and the “Harford Center” will both receive a check for $2,882.89.

Paul Zarachowicz, pictured, has been in charge of this program since I joined Bel Air Council in 2003.
Paul Z
He has created a support staff that simply does an outstanding job. Those Knights are his weekly captains; Jack Fuchs, Bob Cassilly, & Tom Krista, who volunteered for two weeks each, plus Joe Klein and Tony Lamancusa who volunteered for one week each. In addition, thanks goes out to Chuck Lasek, who made reminder calls.

May God Bless and reward you for your time and loving hearts. The Grace you will receive will exceed the cost of 2 hours of your time.

Thank you to Paul Zarachowicz, Chairman a great job in his last year as Chair for this program. Paul has asked to step down and support in a different fashion next year.